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Brda differently - Mylof – Brda Channel - Czerska Struga - Piła Młyn

  • Difficulty of the route: medium
  • River: Brda
  • Start: Mylof
  • End: Piła Młyn
  • Length:
  • Duration of the route:
  • Number of places requiring carrying the kayaks:
  • Preferred equipment: single, double, canoe

Alternative offer for lovers of  Brda River - one of the most popular kayaking routes in Poland. It covers the most interesting part of the Grand Canal  of Brda, from Melof to  the aqueduct in Fojutowo, then  via Czerska Struga to Brda.

This channel, although it is  hydrotechnical object built by people over a hundred years ago, it allows us to immerge in the nature of Tuchola Forest and serenity of nature. Along the way we will basically not see any villages and in Fojutowo you can visit new tourist complex and unique aqueduct on a national scale. Czerska Struga will lead us back to Brda, straight to its probably  most interesting part. Numerous rapids and meanders of the forest section of the river Brda defy the stereotype of a mass and a simple canoe route. Surely here you will experience many adventures and much adrenaline.

Another advantage of the route is signposting  and its quite good management. Many campsites and kayaking shelters offer the possibility of resting and regenerating after a day of paddling.
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