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  • Start: Prabuty
  • End: Biała Góra
  • Length of the river: 111 km
  • Length of the route: 79 km
  • Duration of the route: 5 dni
  • Number of places requiring carrying the kayaks: 8
  • Preferred equipment: jedynki, dwójki

Liwa offers a very picturesque and varied canoeing route. Forest, middle section between Prabuty and Szadowski Młyn is particularly interesting. It is full of charming and deserted places and some nicely developed forest camping sites. On the river there are, unfortunately, serious problems with the water, especially at the most interesting middle section. When the water is low in many cases it is necessary to tow kayak. In addition, on the route, you can  face a lot of difficult, uncomfortable and cumbersome situation requiring you to carry the kayak. Upper Liwa is available for canoeists starting from the vicinity of Kamieniec Suski (monumental ruins of the palace). Manuvering  through the fields and meadows near an interesting, the small town Prabuty, river runs through the vast lake Dzierzgoń and reedbeds of Waterfowl  Nature Preserve of Lake Liwieniec. From this point on for approx. 30 km the river runs through the forest complex called Kwidzyn Forest. The lowers section, from Kwidzyń to the river’s mouth is properly regulated, monotonous and embankment canal. Just before Biała Góra (White Mountain) river starts meandering again and the route gets interesting. The reward for enduring is the opportunity to see the historic nineteenth century sluice in Biała Góra and the opportunity to continue the trip in the direction of Malbork via Nogat.


Suggested route:

  1. Prabuty – Szadowski Młyn (24 km) (optional two day long trip)
  2. Szadowski Młyn – Białki (22 km)
  3. Białki – Mareza (13 km)
  4. Mareza – Biała Góra (20 km)
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